Las Vegas Men’s Center

720 South 9th Street • Las Vegas • Nevada • 89101

Phone: 702.314.1300 • Fax: 408.703.2002


In Las Vegas, Nevada we operate a Teen Challenge Men’s Center and outreach program called The Recovery Engagement Center (REC). The men’s center is a crisis, intern, and re-entry program for men needing long-term residential care. This is a place where students in crisis can gain immediate housing while receiving assistance with the application process for long-term care.

The REC provides faith-based recovery in a non-residential setting. This is a place where people of all ages can receive mentoring, attend chapel services, get a meal, and participate in open discussion groups. The REC also conducts monthly outreaches to provide food, clothing and hygiene kits. Prevention programs are conducted for both youth and children in surrounding communities and we’re looking forward to expanding this coming year.




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