Teen Challenge is the oldest, largest and most successful programs of its kind in the world, and was founded over 50 years ago by Revered David Wilderson. It was Feb. 28, 1958 when the 26-year-old Pentecostal preacher from rural Pennsylvania disrupted a highly publicized murder trial in New York City. Wilkerson had made the eight-hour drive from his quiet mountain town to downtown Manhattan for a simple reason; to speak to the seven accused gang members about their salvation. In a grave attempt to share the love of God, Wilkerson rushed to the front of the courtroom at the close of trial proceedings and pleaded publicly with the judge for permission to meet the teenage defendants. News media were everywhere, and Wilkerson unwittingly made himself the source of headline news throughout New York City.

The judge had been receiving death threats during the trial, and Wilkerson was almost arrested as a presumed assailant. The judge later refused Wilkerson’s request to see the boys and ordered him never to return to his courtroom. Wilkerson made more than the news back in 1958; five months after his discouraging day in court, his compassion for teen-age gangs and drug addicts began to make history. Since Wilkerson opened the first center in New York in 1960, Teen Challenge has grown to over 195 centers across the nation and over 550 centers worldwide. In 1971, Wilkerson founded a global evangelistic ministry, World Challenge. David Wilkerson died in 2011 at the age of 79. Teen Challenge, a ministry that he founded, continues to touch hurting people worldwide, bringing recovery to those trapped in addiction. The Teen Challenge residential program continues to be one of the largest and most effective substance abuse recovery and prevention programs of its kind.


Teen Challenge came west in 1961 in San Francisco and was legally incorporated in Northern California in 1964. Street rallies and evangelism were conducted in San Francisco during the early years. Teen Challenge ministries sprang up throughout the Northern California area over the next several years. Teen Challenge Centers were opened in Sacramento in 1965, Oakland in 1967, San Jose in 1971, and Nevada in 1998. 

Alum Rock Women & Children's Center
Women & Women with Children
In San Jose, Teen Challenge operates the Alum Rock Women and Children's Center, one of only two centers in the nation that accepts women and their children. Click Here for more info.


Asbury Family Center
Families & Couples
The Asbury Family Center, also in San Jose, is the only center in the entire United States that allows the entire family unit to receive ministry all together. Click Here for more info.


Oakland Men's Center
Men 18+ years old
The Oakland Men's Center is located in the East Bay and offers recovery for men 18+ years old. Click Here for more info.


Reno Adolescent Boys' Center
Adolescent Boys (12-17 years old)
We have an Adolescent Boys' Center located in Sparks, Nevada that serves boys ages 12-17 years old with substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. Click Here for more info.


Las Vegas Outreach, Crisis, & Recovery Center
Men 18+ years old
Our most recent Teen Challenge Center is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This center is an Outreach, Crisis, and Re-entry program for men 18+ years old. Click Here for more info.


Philippines Boys' Center
Filipino Boys (12-17 years old)
And we have an Adolescent Boys' Center in the Philippines that is dedicated to reaching boys who are lost and hurting. Click Here for more info.







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